Even here, at the top of this mountain, I was wistful. Just full of wist.

I began my career in philosophy, teaching, studying, and writing about early 20th century German thinkers, particularly Edmund Husserl and the school of phenomenology. I also had a soft spot for David Hume.

I also wrote. A lot. Humor bits, novels, a nine-year run on a financial humor newsletter (yes, such a thing exists).

I love all sorts of genres, from the old Russian greats to contemporary YA. I’m a fan of sci-fi and fantasy of all sorts. I love writers who create strange new worlds (China Mieville, N.K. Jemisin), writers who discover weird tangents to our own world (Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Ada Palmer), sci-fi so plausible it’s eerie (Charlie Stross, James S.A. Corey, Margaret Atwood), and too many others to list. Also Terry Pratchett, who gets his own sentence.

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