The Nightmare of Moxie Gore

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A paranormal menace looms over an unsuspecting world.

The dead are agitated. Golems walk the earth. The living shed their mortal skins and visit the shades of the afterlife. Dreams become nightmares, and when those nightmares let something nasty slip through the cracks in reality, no one is safe.

The Order of Aldred secretly guards against these supernatural threats, as it has for centuries. When a conspiracy is discovered at the very heart of the Order, all that stands between the peaceful dreams of humanity and a gruesome fate is Moxie Gore, a stubborn and troubled 16-year old girl who just wants to survive her junior year with her GPA intact.

Moxie has known about the paranormal threat since she was a young girl, and she has the psychic scars to prove it. She can see them. They can see her. Yet they’re the ones who are afraid. It’s enough to make a girl question her sanity.

When Moxie is named in the Pallbearer Prophecy as the bearer of an ancient curse, she’s forced on the run to the one place no one in the Order can find her: behind the veil that separates the living from the dead. In the realm of shades and shadows, she discovers the secret behind her ability to see the dead and the truth about her history. It turns out the dead were right to be afraid.