The Nightmare of Moxie Gore–FREE Chapters

I’m excited to announce that my supernatural thriller The Nightmare of Moxie Gore launches today, available in both ebook and paperback versions. There are supernatural conspiracies. There are ghosts. There are things the ghosts are afraid of. There’s a dark prophecy. And then there’s Moxie, struggling to survive a summer internship at a bumbling ghost-hunting organization where no one seems to trust her or believe she belongs. She’s linked somehow to the Pallbearer prophecy. Can she discover its secret before the doom foretold by the prophecy comes true?

I know what you’re thinking. “That all sounds great, but how do I know this book is right for me?” Let’s face it, it’s an uncertain world out there, and you’re right to ask the question. So here’s the brutally honest answer of whether you’ll know this book is right for you: You don’t.

The Nightmare of Moxie Gore

That’s why I’m including the first three chapters of the book for free, right in this very blog post. No need to sign up for any newsletters (although you can do that if you’d like), no need to beat yourself up over not getting on my ARC distribution list, which one of these days I’ll create. All you have to do is download a PDF and you’ll know right away whether The Nightmare of Moxie Gore belongs on your bookshelf.

Download here, for free, no strings attached:

Nightmare of Moxie Gore SAMPLE

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the trials and triumphs (but, let’s face it, mostly trials) of Moxie Gore.

Cover reveal!

I’m very excited to unveil the smashing new cover for my upcoming YA supernatural thriller The Nightmare of Moxie Gore. Cover for ebook called The Nightmare of Moxie Gore. The cover was designed by the artist enigmatically known as Germancreative on Fiverr.

Before I saw the concept, I was all prepared to have to convince myself to love it (“I’m sure other people will like it. Maybe it’s just what the market expects.”). Then I saw it and immediately thought it captured everything about Moxie and her misbegotten travels through this world (and the next). Ghost incursions, demonic possession, internships. Life is rough for Moxie.

Paperback and ebook will be available on July 24.